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International Jewish Pride

Grapevine, September 30, 2020: Democratic rights at odds

Anyone who believes in democracy also believes in the right to demonstrate and to protest against perceived injustice. But demonstrations should also have their limits. Just as there is a right to demonstrate in residential neighborhoods, the people living in those neighborhoods and paying municipal rates and taxes there are entitled to a respite.

While participants in demonstrations near the Prime Minister’s Residence are mostly non-Jerusalemites, hundreds, if not thousands, of residents in the capital suffer as a result. It’s not just the noise. It’s also the diversion and sometimes the temporary cancellation of regular bus routes from the late afternoon onward, whenever there is a mega demonstration such as… Read More »

Happy 10th birthday, Chabad of Rehavia

 One of Jerusalem’s oldest and most iconic bookstores was Stein’s of Jerusalem. Situated on King George Street between Heichal Shlomo and the Great Synagogue, it had a wonderful collection of mainly used but also new books, including a broad range of volumes on Judaica.

 When the owner died, his son, a well-known photojournalist, was not interested in being a bookseller, and after a while sold the premises to Chabad of Rehavia, which is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary.Before acquiring the premises, Chabad of Rehavia was established at the Windmill around the corner, which quickly proved to be too small for the growing numbers of men, women and children who congregated there for Shabbat services, and who… Read More »

The Sound of Megillah Readings to Fill Jerusalem as Part of ‘Azza Zaza’

JERUSALEM—When Rabbi Yisroel and Shoshana (“Shoshi”) Goldberg first arrived in the upscale Jerusalem neighborhood of Rechavia six years ago, they operated out of synagogues and held classes in private homes whose owners were only too happy to welcome them. But being without a physical center did not stop the couple from taking to the streets and starting what has turned into their own special brand of public Purim celebration, to which they gave the moniker “Azza Zaza.”

Today, their Chabad House at the historic windmill on Ramban Street is thriving, and its public Purim activities take place not only on Azza Street—the neighborhood’s main street for shopping… Read More »

Rebbe's Dollars Given to Beigels

Mazkir Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky sent 2 dollars from the Rebbe to Sara and Ariel Beigel who were married after Sarah's father was killed in a terror attack.

Mazkir Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky sent 2 dollars from the Rebbe to Sara and Ariel Beigel who were married after Sarah's father was killed in a terror attack.

By Rabbi Yisroel Goldberg, Director of Chabad of Rechavia in Jerusalem, said, "I just had the great honor of delivering 2 dollars from the Rebbe, to the remarkable new couple, Sara and Ariel Beigel."

We all remember their recent wedding, which occurred in Jerusalem soon after the horrific murder of Sarah's father Rabbi Yaakov Litman, and brother Netanel, were brutally murdered by terrorists.

The Rebbe's Secretary… Read More »

Judaism in the abstract and the concrete


The parable of the burning bush was used for the weekly Torah portion to illustrate how even the most assimilated Jews have that tiny spark of Judaism left in their hearts.


THERE WERE only two children present at the Shabbat service of Chabad of Rehavia last Saturday. Nonetheless, despite the absence of baby carriages and very junior congregants, the men’s section was packed and the women’s section was almost full. Part of the reason that so many people braved the snow and the cold was to listen to guest speaker Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, who heads Chabad in Toronto and was a member of the entourage of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper when the latter paid an official visit to Israel in January of… Read More »

Ice Menorah

we got in the the favorite Menorahs of the year list

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Grapevine: A Chabad celebration

In Israel last week for the wedding of his grandson Shmaya Krinsky of Crown Heights, New York, to Rivkah Stosgofsky of Kiryat Gat, was Rabbi Chaim Yehuda Krinsky, who was the chief spokesman for the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, and sole executor of the rebbe’s will.


JPost... Again!

Turning to the celebration at hand, Metzger commended Chabad of Rehavia’s spiritual leader, Rabbi Israel Goldberg, on his remarkable success in just over a year. Goldberg has not only built up a congregation but... Click link to read more... 

We're in the JPost!

But Rabbi Yisroel Goldberg, the dynamic young leader of Chabad of Rehavia, remained undaunted, knowing in his heart that failures in Chabad are few and far between.... Click link to read more... 

Chabad in the News - HEBREW

ידידיה מאיר: "עושים מצווה, ממש באמצע הקפוצ'ינו"

בטורו הקבוע והפופולארי בעיתון "בשבע" מפרסם הפובליציסט ואיש התקשורת ידידיה מאיר מידי שבוע תמונה אותה צילם בסלולרי שלו ולצידה כיתוב ● השבוע, בשושן פורים, הוא צילם כמה דקות לפני השעה אחת עשרה בבוקר את טחנת הרוח המפורסמת בשכונת רחביה

New Day Care in Rechavia!

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