Check Your Tefillin and Mezuzot!

As we enter the new Hebrew month of Elul, we would like to bring to your attention the importance of checking that your Mezuzot and Tefillin are Kosher, and to purchase new ones, if necessary.

Having Kosher Mezuzot & putting on Tefillin daily, is one of the best ways to protect Israel and Jews worldwide, and brings bracha and blessing to one's family and personal life.
The Mezuzah serves as a shield to protect us from all types of harm, both while we are at home or elsewhere. Chabad of Rechavia provides this service for our community, this month, and year-round!

Any Mezuzot or Tefillin that are brought to be checked before 10:00 am, will be ready by Wednesday morning, at 7:00 am

Any Mezuzot or Tefillin that are brought to be checked after 10:00 am, will be ready by Thursday morning, at 7:00 am

Mezuzah 25 NIS
Tefillin 280 NIS

New Mezuzot & Tefillin will be available for Purchase

*** Monday, August 21, 2023 ***
8:30 am - 9:00 pm

Drop off Locations:

Chabad of Rechavia
52 King George Street, Jerusalem


 31 Nissim Bachar Street, Nachlaot

During the year, you may also bring in your Mezuzot and Tefillin Sundays -Thursdays, and our Sofer will check them, usually within a week.
For more information:
Call: 02-800-1717
Email: [email protected]