These Mikvahs are under the auspecies of Iryat Yerushalayim.

There is no need to make an appointment.

The following Mikvaot are in the metro Jerusalem area.


Address: 3 Ha'Ari Street, Jerusalem (corner of Azza Street)

Chabad Mikvah Available

Out of the few Mikvahs at this location, one of them is according to the Chabad custom, Bor Al Gabei Bor. It is the Mikvah to the right, once entering through the main entrance.

Times of the use of the Mikvah are as follows:

Sunday - Thursday evenings: Sunset until 9:00 PM

Friday evenings: Half-an-hour after Candle-Lighting for 1 hour

Motsaei Shabbat: 1 hour after Shabbat for 2 hours.


ROMEMA Neighborhood

(near Shikun Chabad & Rav Shefa Mall):

Address: 2 Minchat Yitzchak Street, Jerusalem (Corner of Ohel Yehoshua Street, adjacent to Bet Yehoshua Shul)

Chabad Mikvah Available



Chabad Mikvah Available

Just off Street #1 in Jerusalem


Address: 33 Antignos Street, Jerusalem
Mikvah: 02-648-2534
Mrs. Kastiel: 0544-360-770
Chabad Mikvah available


Address: 8 HaNetziv Street (off Betsalel Street), Jerusalem No Chabad Mikvah available

You may call Mrs. Shoshi Goldberg for more information at 052-4838-770.