Welcome to our new monthly Programs for children, ages 5 - 11. The special

educational program will take place the second Tuesday of each Hebrew

month, from 4:30 - 6:00 pm, and each activity will be connected with a theme of that month.

Check our new calendar for upcoming dates.

The Rebbe instituted the international children's organization Tzivot Hashem in 1981, with children under the age of Bar & Bat Mitzvah signing up, and accumulating points and climbing the ranks of being in the "Army of Hashem" for children. These exciting programs are in inspiration of the special year of Hakhel and gatherings, in which we find ourselves.

Mommy & Me

Monthly activity for young mothers and toddlers

Join our monthly fun and quality time for mothers and toddlers.

Through a balanced blend of Jewish music and movement, you will experience quality time with your baby (3 months - 3 years) and contribute greatly to his/hers healthy development of your child.

Please see our new calendar for the upcoming monthly sessions. To obtain our calendar, you can visit our office, Sunday - Thursday, 9:00 - 5:00.

Please spread the word. To RSVP or for any questions, please call Shoshi Goldberg at 052-4838-770, or email [email protected].