Live on line
In honor of Yud Bet Tammuz


Special Guest

Executive Director of worldwide JLI,
Brooklyn NY

"Yiddishkeit behind the IRON CURTAIN"

Thursday, July 2, 2020
7:30 pm, Jerusalem local time

Chassidic songs with clarinete musician

Yair Shapiro

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Zoom ID: 770 800 1717
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Yud Bet Tammuz is the day that the previous Rebbe was released from prison, in 1927. 

The previous Rebbe, was arrested by the communist regime in the former USSR, for the "sin" of saving Jewish live,  building Shuls and Mikvas, and schools for Torah learning. He was miraculously released from a death-sentence and slave labor.

The Rebbe himself declared following his release, that this day is a Chag for all Jewry. Indeed, he saved the Jewish flame, that was almost extinguished, G‑d forbid, at that time.